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Beyond the Black Rainbow Visuals



Revisiting the visuals from Panos Cosmatos 2012 film, Beyond the Black Rainbow. A lot of visual throwbacks to Kubrick films, Manhunter (1984), and Dark Star (1974). The plot left a lot to be desired but the visuals carried the movie for the most part. The sequence where the doctor crawls through a series of ink blots that form an eye retina was incredible. Overall the color grading in this film is incredible… Looks a lot like Fuji film / short prime lens combo.

I designed a Beyond the Black Rainbow layout for Elegant Seagulls annual Mocktober Fest a couple of years back.

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Citroen 80’s Car Ad

I’ve only seen a handful of Citroen’s in person but they’re easily my favorite 80’s vehicle. Remember watching Grace Jones on late night TV shows. This video reminds me of being parked in front of the TV as a kid.


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Music Video

She’s So Rad : Circles video


So many 80’s skate culture tropes in She’s So Rad video for their track, Circles.

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Designers.MX : Birds of Paradise

I was going through my Spotify playlists and came across one of my Designers.MX mixes, Birds of Paradise. Then I remembered that I produced a time lapse video for my mix cover design process. I wish designing mixes wasn’t so cliche as a designer… Really do miss quick / one off type design projects.

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OOG Concept Store

Love this branding project from Polish design agency, 247. That descender on the “g” is off the charts… One of the most geometrically and perfectly balanced logos I’ve ever seen.



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Zugasti Records Branding

One of my favorite brand system projects by Basic Studio based in Monterrey, Mexico. I’m not a huge fan of the hidden “z” in the flag logo mark. Love the strong use of Grotesque fonts. The level in which this brand system could scale is seemingly infinite.

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